No matter how hard we work, it seems like there is always more cleaning around the house to do. Even with all the scrubbing, sweeping, and dusting that is put into a cleaning regime, there are likely still other areas in your home that are bacteria and germ-ridden. To help you make sure your home is the cleanest it can be, below, we highlighted ten common places that bacteria can be found in abundance in your home.

The Kitchen Sink

Because we often spend time cleaning things in our kitchen sinks, many people don’t realize how filthy and bacteria-prone kitchen sinks can be. Due to the fact that the soap we use to wash our dishes doesn’t always eliminate the bacteria from old food, dirty sponges or washrags, or filthy dishes, the best way to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading is to clean your sink often. To do so, first rinse the sink out with hot water. Use baking soda to coat the sink basin, and then spray it with safe, multi-purpose cleaner or, for a natural alternative, use equal parts w


You may not think anything of reusing rags, hand towels, or sponges to clean the kitchen countertops. Unfortunately, this ‘cleaning’ method is only promoting the spreading of germs and bacteria across multiple surfaces. According to NSF International, countertops were one of the highest germ-infested areas in 32 percent of tested homes. The next time you need to clean your countertops, don’t reach for the sponge or used rags. Instead, opt for a microfiber cloth that can be washed between uses or use a paper towel.

Cell Phones

You bring your phone just about everywhere with you, and they have the germs and bacteria to show it. In fact, some studies even suggest that cell phones are 10 times filthier than an average toilet seat. Think about it — surely you have dropped your phone, maybe even on a dirty floor like in a bathroom. After all that, you hold your phone closely to your face for a few minutes, maybe even hours at a time — EW! Since you cannot wash your cell phone, make sure to clean it often with a non-abrasive disinfecting wipe.


Naturally, everyone instantly thinks of the bathroom and toilet when it comes to the dirtiest places in a home. There are parts of the toilet that people rarely clean, or miss cleaning. When cleaning the bathroom, it is common to clean the inside and rim of the toilet bowl, as well as on top of and under the toilet seat. The sides and the base of the toilet bowl, however, often go unattended to. Especially if you have children in the household, accidents can happen and these areas can become crawling with germs and bacteria. Those accident-prone areas are often the sides, front, and base of the toilet. When cleaning the bathroom, be sure to clean and disinfect all areas of the toilet, especially the outside of the bowl.


Your carpet sees a lot of action. Between accumulated pet dander, dinners in front of the TV, the occasional spills, and everyday use, your carpeting likely is crawling with germs and bacteria. In fact, your carpet could have as much as 200,000 bacteria per square inch. To prevent bacteria and germs from building up in your carpeting, vacuum weekly. And getting your carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year will help eliminate odors and remove residue.

While it is impossible to avoid germs and bacteria from getting inside your home, you can control what is lurking around with some regular cleaning routines.

However, using conventional cleaning products to clean these areas may not be helping as much as you think. In fact, it is likely that many of the household cleaners you own contain harmful chemicals and toxins, making your home and living environment toxic.

Keep Your Home Tidy and Healthy With Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Using harmful cleaning products to clean these germ and bacteria-prone areas seems quite counter-intuitive. Instead, you should clean your home with safe, non-toxic cleaning products. The benefits of non-toxic cleaning are seemingly-endless. If you are interested in learning more about non-toxic living or are interested in getting non-toxic cleaning products for your home, contact Tony Fleming Enterprises today!