Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Living a healthy lifestyle is about much more than eating the right foods and hitting the gym from time to time. It’s about what we use, what we do, and what we breathe each and every day. Are you inhaling harmful chemicals from your household cleaning products? Or worse, are your children and pets inhaling these fumes?

It’s time to switch to non-toxic cleaning products. These boost the health of your home and your environment. Here are the top reasons to choose non-toxic cleaners:

  • Health benefits — Without chemicals being inhaled or absorbed into the skin, you can lower your risk of developing asthma and allergies.
  • Purer environment — Shifting to greener methods of cleaning can reduce pollution to our waterways and our air.
  • Safer products — Conventional cleaning products can cause chemical burns to the skin and eyes if not the body is not properly protected.
  • Informed use — Green cleaners don’t make their ingredients hard to find. In fact, their ingredients are their selling point. Never wonder what is in your cleaning products when you switch to eco-friendly and non-toxic options.
Reach out to Tony Fleming Enterprises to learn more about non-toxic cleaning products, as well as how they can help you live a more fulfilling life.

Are You Passionate About Non-Toxic Wellness? 
You’re not alone! Chemical free workplaces and homes are vital to your safety! You can make your passion into a profession! Over the past 25 years, Tony has been growing a team of Natural Alternative Advocates and we’d love to learn more about your passion for helping create safer home and workplace environments and teach you how to make your passion into a career. Contact Tony today and help spread our message of natural wellness through non-toxic households and workplaces! There are safer, natural alternatives. It’s time to move on from the dangerous chemicals of the past.

Caring for your pets:

For many of us, including Tony, we constantly refer to our pets as our children or “fur babies”. Just like our actual children, our pets are unfortunately unaware of the toxins and dangerous chemicals in many household cleaning products. We should never have to worry about the health and safety of our children and pets at home. Tony is committed to ensuring that our pets are safe and our homes are clean. Non-toxic cleaning products have an immeasurable lasting benefit. We’re able to keep our homes clean while also ensuring our kids and pets are safe and healthy!