Every workplace goes through the Fall and Winter “sick-season”. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to avoid, but there are dramatic steps that we can all take to avoid the germs and spread of viruses. Keeping our workplaces clean can be a full-time job, so why should we need to worry about the harmful effects of these cleaning chemicals and products?

Non-toxic cleaning products offer a long-lasting health and safety benefit that is apparent in not only the workplace but our everyday lives as well. Tony Fleming has been promoting and selling non-toxic cleaning products for over 25 years and shares an expansive knowledge on the ever-evolving benefits of using them. Our workplaces are continually bombarded by a melting pot of germs and viruses which are easily combated by non-toxic and healthy cleaning products.

Touch base with Tony today, and start the conversation about the continual benefits of non-toxic cleaning products. Keep yourself healthy in the workplace so you can keep enjoying yourself outside of work!